VEGANISM is a moral-baseline that describes living from a place of compassion, by excluding all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty towards non-human animals. This includes the use of any non-human living beings for their bodies and their secretions for food, clothing, entertainment, or any other purpose. 

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Hi! I'm Avra, a Toronto vegan loving my low-waste and sustainable vegan life! Welcome to the Love Wild Live Free blog, a space that is dedicated to showcasing vegan recipes, cruelty-free beauty, and ethical lifestyle products to my growing community of like-minded readers and conscious consumers. 

Love Wild Live Free is your source for simple Recipes with vibrant ingredients that are:

  • organic + non-GMO

  • vegan + plant-based

  • dairy-free

  • free of refined sugar + synthetic chemicals

  • with soy, gluten and oil free options

You will also find resources for everything in your daily life from Shopping Consciously to Vegan Travel and everything in between. Check out the Philosophy page to learn about my motivation for founding Love Wild Live Free, and my Resource Guide for all of my favourite Podcasts, Books & Cookbooks, Films & Documentaries.

I’m the creator of Vegan Social Events - 100% vegan and sustainable events that always brings together an incredible influencers, media makers, the community and local companies for delicious vegan eats & drinks, sustainable shopping, and inspiring special guest speakers too.

You can find me on my new YouTube Channel with content that I'm both excited and inspired to share! I’m also on Instagram, where I share meal-time inspiration, photos from my travels, as well as lots of vegan lifestyle content.

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