I love collecting vegan cookbooks! My vegan cookbook collection is quite extensive, so I’ve gone through and narrowed my list down to the books that I reach for the most. I hope that you love these as much as I do!

Mississippi Vegan: Recipes and Stories from a Southern Boy's Heart

by Timothy Pakron

Inspired by the landscape and flavors of his childhood on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Timothy Pakron found his heart, soul, and calling in cooking the Cajun, Creole, and southern classics of his youth. In his debut cookbook, he shares 125 plant-based recipes, all of which substitute ingredients without sacrificing depth of flavour and reveal the secret tradition of veganism in southern cooking.

The photography in this cookbook is absolutely stunning. If you’re not following @mississippivegan on Instagram, go follow him right now! Timothy’s Instagram photos are gorgeous and his stories are my favourites to watch. He is seriously the BEST.

Favourite Recipes (so far!) include: Sautéed Collard Greens, Creole Spice Blend, Creole Rice, and Basmati Cumin Rice. I cannot wait to try out Timmy’s Classic Gumbo, Shiitake Bacon, and Creole Chex Mix.

The Plantpower Way - This cookbook has the feel of a coffee table book. It has gorgeous photography and an abundance of practical information about the vegan lifestyle. The Plantpower Way was created by renowned vegan ultra-distance athlete and high-profile wellness advocate Rich Roll and his chef wife Julie Piatt, who share the joy and vibrant health they and their whole family have experienced living a plant-based lifestyle. This cookbook has over 120 delicious, easy-to-prepare whole food recipes, including hearty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, plus healthful and delicious smoothies and juices, and decadent desserts.

My favourite recipes include: The Tahini Green Sauce (which I serve on salads and rice bowls) and the hearty Vegan Lasagna made with zucchini, Almond Pesto and a Blackened Tomato Cashew Sauce.

Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen - Without fail, every single recipe that I have made from this cookbook has turned out phenomenally. Chloe's recipes are so simple to make and you would never know that there is absolutely no dairy added. She has even included her award winning recipe for her Raspberry Tiramisu Cupcakes in this cookbook from Food Network's Cupcake Wars, as well as the recipe for Shiitake Bacon!

Super Fresh - Fresh is a long standing vegetarian restaurant in Toronto that I have been going to for many years. The food is always consistent and the recipes in this cookbook are equally as good! This cookbook includes over 200 juices, smoothies and meals - many of which are menu items at Fresh restaurants.

My favourite recipe: the Golden Curried Dal, it is absolutely delicious and so easy to make!

This Cheese is Nuts! - Julie Piatt (co-author of The Plantpower Way) features a stunning collection of 75 flavourful nut-based cheeses in her new cookbook. Julie's recipes use almonds, cashews, and other nuts to create cheeses anyone can make right at home.

This book includes cheese spreads & sauces (like this easy to make Classic Foundue I absolutely loved!), quick "form" cheeses, aged & multi-step cheeses and main dishes and desserts (like Deep Classic Cheesecake and Créme Brûlée). She has also included dairy-free staples (including yogurt, crackers and sour cream), as well as a section with nut-free options for cheeses & spreads.

I highly reccomend this beautiful cookbook to anyone who is looking to up their vegan cheese game with healthy, whole-foods based recipes!

Isa Does It: Amazingly Easy, Wildly Delicious Vegan Recipes for Every Day of the Week

by Isa Chandra Moskowitz 

Beloved cookbook author Isa Chandra Moskowitz shares 150 recipes to make weeknight cooking a snap. Mouthwatering recipes like Sweet Potato Red Curry with Rice and Purple Kale, Bistro Beet Burgers, and Summer Seitan Saute with Cilantro and Lime illustrate how simple and satisfying meat-free food can be.

Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes to Feed Your Face

by Lauren Toyota (Author)

In this bold collection of more than 100 recipes, the world of comfort food and vegan cooking collide as Lauren Toyota shares her favourite recipes and creative ways to make Philly cheesesteak, fried chicken, and mac 'n' cheese, all with simple vegan ingredients. Never one to hold back, Lauren piles plates high with cheese sauce, ranch, bacon, and barbecue sauce, all while sharing personal stories and tips in her engaging and hilarious voice

Not only is Lauren a YouTube sensation, but she’s also a local-Toronto vegan who is doing big things for the vegan movement! If you’re not subscribed to hot for food on YouTube get on that right right now! Lauren is incredibly talented and gives her whole heart in every recipe and video that she creates. She has always been an incredible supporter of my blog and Vegan Social Events too! I featured an interview with Lauren where she shared one of her most popular recipes for Cauliflower Buffalo Wings & Vegan Ranch Dip which you can find here!

Favourite Recipes (so far!) include: My Big Fat Greek Potato Salad, The Nacho Cheese, The Sour Cream, The Creamy Cucumber Dressing, and Bacon Mac & Cheese Skillet.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook - This was one of my first vegan cookbooks and I consider it to be a classic. Everything I've ever made from this book has turned out exceptionally well! Author Angela Liddon runs the hugely popular Oh She Glows blog and creates beautiful food photographs.

My favourite recipes include: the Roasted Rainbow Carrots with Cumin-Coriander Tahini Sauce, 10-Spice Vegetable Soup with Cashew Cream, Marinated Italian Mushrooms and Sweet Potato & Black Bean Enchiladas.  

YumUniverse - This book was an early edition to my vegan cookbook collection. YumUniverse is more than just a cookbook - the first half of the book contains a wealth of information including tips on creating a vegan pantry with all of the staples you need to set you off on the right foot. It has really become my go-to resource for soaking, sprouting and cooking beans, legumes and grains.

My favourite recipes include: the Buckwheat Noodle Pad Thai, Comforting Veggie Noodle Soup and Homemade Spice Mixes including Jamaican Jerk Seasoning and Ethiopian Berbere Spice.

Minimalist Baker's Everyday Cooking -  The long-awaited debut cookbook by the creators of the Minimalist Baker blog has 101 vibrant, simple recipes that are entirely plant-based, mostly gluten-free, and 100% delicious. Each recipe requires 10 ingredients or fewer, can be made in one bowl, or requires 30 minutes or less to prepare. It's a totally no-fuss approach to cooking that is perfect for anyone who loves delicious food that happens to be healthy too.

The Edgy Veg: 138 Carnivore-Approved Vegan Recipes
By Candice Hutchings, James Aita

The Edgy Veg - is the debut cookbook by Candice Hutchings, the host of The Edgy Veg YouTube channel and blog, which she co-founded with her husband James Aita. This book contains 138 recipes that take vegan cooking to the next level, with drool-worthy food photos, and tips and tricks for eating like an Edgy Veg. It's filled with recipes that will fulfill childhood cravings, fast food faves and food-nerd obsessions! The Edgy Veg covers everything from basics, munchies, and mains to dessert, smoothies and cocktails. 

Cookbook highlights include: Buffalo Cauliflower Wings 7 Ways, Easy Cheesy Fondue and Chick Fillet Deluxe. One of my favourite recipes that I made from this book was the UnOrthodox Lox and Cream Cheese Bagels - it's Lox made from carrots! It was easy to make and is some of the best carrot lox I’ve had to date! It gets better as it marinades, so I recommend waiting 48 hours before serving - I promise, it’s totally worth the wait.  

The Kind Diet: A Simple Guide to Feeling Great, Losing Weight, and Saving the Planet Paperback

by Alicia Silverstone

In The Kind Diet, actress, activist, and committed conservationist Alicia Silverstone shares the insights that encouraged her to swear off meat and dairy forever, and outlines the spectacular benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, from effortless weight loss to clear skin, off-the-chart energy, and smooth digestion. She explains how meat, fish, milk, and cheese—the very foods we've been taught to regard as the cornerstone of good nutrition—are actually the culprits behind escalating rates of disease and the cause of dire, potentially permanent damage to our ecology. 


There are so many reasons to choose vegan - for the animals, the environment, ethics, your health and the future of our planet. If you’re just starting your vegan journey, or maybe you’re just a little veg-curious, I urge you to get informed. The following are are some of my favourite books that have helped to inform me on my vegan journey and have really inspired me along the way. 

How Not To Die - From the physician behind the wildly popular website, How Not to Die reveals the groundbreaking scientific evidence behind the only diet that can prevent and reverse many of the causes of disease-related death. All proceeds Dr. Greger receives from all book sales are donated to the 501c3 nonprofit charity

CRAZY SEXY DIET - "Crazy Sexy Diet comes on the heels of Kris Carr's best-selling cancer survival guidebooks and her acclaimed TLC documentary. Infused with a bit of sass and an advice-from-the-trenches style, Crazy Sexy Diet is a beautifully illustrated resource and plant-based, vegan diet plan to put you on the fast track to vibrant health, happiness and a great ass!"

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