Hi! My name is Avra and I am a Toronto-based lawyer and a sustainable lifestyle content creator. I’m passionate about promoting both sustainability and veganism because the two go hand in hand! I promote a low-waste + sustainable vegan lifestyle through my online platforms and events.

As the creator of Vegan Social Events, I produce accessible community events with an aim to inspire others to make more sustainable choices for a smaller footprint. Vegan Social Events are the FIRST in Toronto to focus on promoting both veganism and sustainability. My low-waste events showcase products that are eco-friendly and free from animal products, and feature guest speakers from all over the world!

Photo by:  Lara Graham

Photo by: Lara Graham

My passion and commitment to spreading the message of the vegan lifestyle is grounded in my desire to create accessibility for all to healthful foods that are kind to the animals and the planet. The Love Wild Live Free platforms are dedicated to showcasing vegan recipes, cruelty-free beauty, and ethical & eco-friendly lifestyle products to my growing community of conscious consumers. 

For as long as I can remember I have educated myself in the areas of alternative health and nutrition. Love Wild Live Free is an outlet for my passion and commitment to spreading the message of veganism and showing the world that a vegan lifestyle is possible for anyone, on any budget. We live in a wonderful time of abundance and opportunity. Creating a lifestyle that fosters protection for the most vulnerable non-human animals and environmental sustainability, while at the same time providing the body with wholesome nutrients is something that anyone can do with the right tools and information.

I firmly believe that knowledge is power.  The paradigms surrounding nutrition, health, and how we treat non-human animals and the environment are shifting. The global consciousness is beginning to open up to the possibility of operating from a place of compassion by making the choice as consumers to not cause harm to other living beings, the environment and in turn, our own health and wellbeing. 

There has been a recent mainstream acceptance of the notion that the food we eat truly impacts our health and quality of life. While these ideas are not new, there has been for some time now, an awakening, so to speak, of those feeling discomfort in their day to day lives. These individuals have sought out alternatives to the predominately accepted conventional foods and health practices which are prevalent in Western society.


With self-help and wellness industries on the rise, it has become clear that the message is LOVE, and that the current systems within modern society, food production and the treatment of non-human animals and our environment simply do not resonate with this message. Self-love is at the forefront of this shifting consciousness and a renewed commitment to return to our inherent connection with nature. People are beginning to awaken and ask questions about the sources of their food, the health care they are receiving (or are not receiving) and other important questions about their wellbeing and the overall state of our planet and its inhabitants. 

Living in a consumer-based society, we must recognize that as the customer we can take back the power in the game of supply-and-demand. Having the knowledge to make educated choices around what we choose to buy, and the products that we put onto and into our bodies will have a cumulative impact on types of products that we find in the marketplace.

I am truly committed to inspiring others to make the most informed choices possible. Read labels, ask questions, get informed! 

Thank you for joining me on this journey. 

Much love, 


You can be eating until your hearts content but as long as you’re starving on a nutritional basis your body is going to stay hungry to get those specific nutrients.
— Jon Gabriel from Hungry For Change