In September 2016, Love Wild Live Free hosted the first ever Toronto Vegan Social event, bringing together influencers and media makers for a celebration of the local thriving vegan scene. This event was unique to the vegan community and well received by all who were involved. The Vegan Social Events in July and September 2017, were open to the public and completely sold out - with line-ups out the door!  

To watch the Two Market Girls video recap of the September 2017 Pop-Up Event click here. 


I wasn’t sure what to expect on Sunday, so I was incredibly surprised when I lined up outside the venue on Bloor Street. Yes, there was a freakin’ line and the place was pa-aah-haacked.
— Tasha Jade, Daily Magic
It was such a pleasure attending the first Toronto Vegan Social event in 2016! Best vegan event that I’ve been to so far in Toronto. Cool, hip, great vibes, delicious food, and just overall an amazing place to be for socializing and networking with like-minded individuals with drive and passion. I am genuinely looking forward to more of Avra’s upcoming events! Hope to see you there!
— Jazmin Aron - Kai Vegan TV (Host, Founder & Producer), Born Cosmetics (Founder) and @Veganthropologie on Instagram