Fanmail [Editorial by GOLDIE]

Fiber to Finished Garment. It's about knowing where your clothes come from and what they're made of.

When menswear label Fanmail (named after TLC's album Fanmail)  launched last fall offering sleek and modern sustainable wardrobe essentials, the prayers of many men were answered - particularly those who wanted sustainable clothes that didn't feel or look like a typical eco-fashion line.  The year-old brand melds fashion and sporty, and uses organic materials such as cotton and hemp. The fabrics are custom-dyed in Los Angeles, and the clothes are then manufactured in New York.

Founder Charlie Morris used to work as an assistant stylist, which opened up his eyes to the wastefulness that can occur in the industry. “I didn’t feel comfortable using all this fur and these exotic things that ultimately are terrible for the environment,” says Morris. “The way in which fur is produced, no amount of green washing can make that into a sustainable business.”

Although, Fanmail was born as a reaction to wastefulness, the naming of the brand after a TLC album is telling of the fact that the clothes aren’t bogged down with politics or limited by its eco-ethos.

From designing for Drake, to their Transparency From Fiber to Finished Garment concept, Fanmail is making big waves in the fashion industry that cannot be ignored. 


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photographer: milan zrnic, @milanzrnic

grooming: kristian bankston

model: louis mayhew, @louismayhew

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