Vegans Have More Fun Podcast Interview (!)

It's true, vegans really do have more fun!

You guys! I'm so excited to share that I was interviewed by Sarah Christie on her AWESOME podcast Vegans Have More Fun, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it! I am a self proclaimed podcast-junkie and listen to A LOT of podcasts, so when the opportunity to be a guest on a podcast that I adore came up, I could not resist!

‘Vegans Have More fun’ is a podcast where vegans/vegetarians get together to talk about food…And anything else that comes up in conversation. And podcast host, Sarah, is no stranger to the art form - she's a Music Director and Announcer at 105.3 Virgin Radio and Weekends at 105.7 EZ Rock. She's also super dedicated to spreading the vegan message. In fact, she wants to talk to as many different people as she can to prove that a meat free diet truly can fit anyone's style of living!

Here's what Sarah had to say about the episode:

"On Avra’s website, you can find nearly any resource you’d go searching for as a vegan! She has a recipe page that’s filled with her own creations as well as features from chef’s that she loves. The website also features ‘Vegan Social Events’ which are organized by Avra, making her one of the busiest people I’ve met! During this episode, find out the best places to shop when looking for cruelty free clothing, how to turn your balcony into a garden and what to expect from Avra’s upcoming events!"

To listen to my episode click here. The episode is also available on Podbean and iTunes.

Going vegan does not have to be difficult or expensive (vegan food is generally cheaper than animal-based foods), it just takes a little creativity and dedication to make the shift. Once I made the connection of “why” I was choosing to be vegan, it became so much easier to stay committed. Educating yourself is key when it comes to veganism, as it will help you figure out why you are making this choice. You're also bound to get questions from friends and family that your research will help you answer. Check out my Vegan Resource Guide for Podcasts that I highly reccomend, right from my personal subscriptions list. I've also got a page with some of the Books & Cookbooks that I spoke about in this episode too! These resources have helped to inform me on my vegan journey and have really inspired me along the way. 

Special thanks to Sarah Christie for having me on the podcast! It's true, vegans really do have more fun! 😋

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