Join the March to Close All Slaughterhouses - June 11, 2016 in Toronto

It is now time to demand, loud and clear, the end of animal slavery and the abolition of all practices that cause them the most harm: breeding, fishing and slaughter. 

This Saturday, June 11th, join the March to Close All Slaughterhouses in Toronto, to demonstrate against the merciless exploitation of non-human animals, who are tortured and killed for the consumption of their milk, eggs and flesh, as well as for their skin, and for experiments and entertainment purposes. This worldwide event will bring together compassionate citizens in solidarity for a peaceful march to demand the closure of all slaughterhouses and to end the violence that we inflict on non-human animals.

event details

when: Saturday, June 11, 2016

assembly location: Christie Pitts (750 Bloor Street West)

time: assembly time 11:30 am, march starting time 1 pm. 

The organizers request that everyone arrives between 11:30 am and 12:30 pm. The march is scheduled to start at 1 pm sharp, but they will be selling baked goods to raise much needed funds for two of our oldest and most needed sanctuaries: Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary and Refuge RR before the march. The DxE choir will also be performing! 

the route: The route is 5.3 km long and it is expected to take approximately 1.5 hours depending on the turnout and walking speed of all participants.

march colours and t-shirts: the March colours are red and black. Participants are asked to wear a red T-shirt for the March.  Official t-shirts are available in limited quantities. To support the March you can order online to receive or reserve your desired size.

RSVP: To join the march, please RSVP your attendance on the Facebook Event Page.

 For the full event details including parking/transit information, the code of conduct and a map of the route please click here

Because meat production involves killing the animals that are eaten,
Because their living conditions and slaughter cause them to suffer,
Because eating animals is not necessary,
Because sentient beings must not be mistreated or killed unnecessarily;
therefore, farming, fishing and hunting, as well as selling and eating animal products, have to be abolished.
— March to Close All Slaughterhouses Toronto

the animal holocaust

Every single day living, conscious, loving non-human animals are senselessly exploited, tortured and killed for consumer consumption, and it is happening in our own backyards. The majority of the meat-eating society is living with blinders on - they either do not want to know the truth, or know and choose to ignore it because it is easier that way. But, the fact is that we live in the year 2016, at a time where an abundance of plant-food is so readily available that it makes absolutely no sense to consume animals and their secretions.

The consumption of meat causes more suffering and death than any other human activity. You may be surprised to learn that animal agricultural practices are responsible for:

  • 18 % of greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than the combined exhaust from ALL transportation;
  • the consumption of 34 - 76 trillion gallons of water annually;
  • and is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution, and habitat destruction.*

It is estimated that every year:

  • 1,000-billion aquatic animals are killed worldwide - that's 1,902,588 killed every minute, or 31,710 every second;
  • 64-billion land animals (including, but not limited to, chickens, cows and pigs who are bred for the purpose of slaughter) are killed worldwide for the appetite of humans - that's 121,766 every minute and 2,029 every second..**

The real shift occurs when we begin to look at animals as loving creatures, not as commodities, and when we place value on our own health and the health of the environment. We are killing living, breathing, loving creatures, as well as ourselves and our planet because of greed, and not need.  

I highly reccomend checking out Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, a groundbreaking feature-length environmental documentary following intrepid filmmaker Kip Andersen as he uncovers the most destructive industry facing the planet today – animal agriculture - and investigates why the world’s leading environmental organizations are too afraid to talk about it. A new cut from executive producer Leonardo DiCaprio is now streaming exclusively on Netflix. Also, check out The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear by Gary Yourofsky to learn the truth about animal agriculture on YouTube here. The March to Close All Slaughterhouses Toronto website also has a wealth of information and links for further reading.

For more information visit the March to Close All Slaughterhouses on Facebook and on their official website.

Hope to see you at this important event.  

Much love,



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