#SpringCleansing2015 Instaram Contest Winners

I teamed up with Kate from Her Balanced Life to bring you my biggest giveaway yet in celebration of Spring. The contest has now come to a close and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to share their spring cleansing tips. We are so inspired by all of your posts and enjoyed checking out all of your beautiful photos. It was a very tough decision as we loved each and every one of your entries. In the end we opted to use a random name picker to help us choose because it was a tough decision to make! 

Without further delay here are the winners:

 1. #SpringCleansing2015 Grand Prize Winner: Ellie Haun @peanutbutterandle of Michigan, U.S.A., with her delicious green smoothie bowl.

Delicious green smoothie bowl by  Ellie Haun @peanutbutterandle of Michigan, U.S.A.

Delicious green smoothie bowl by Ellie Haun @peanutbutterandle of Michigan, U.S.A.

Ellie is a 16 year old high school student who documents her adventures in living a vegan lifestyle on PEANUT BUTTER & ELLIE. We are both totally inspired by this young veganista! She LOVES her family and friends, art (her favorite types are painting, drawing, and photography), food (especially dessert), books, being outside, playing tennis, biking, doing yoga, animals, and going on adventures! She also enjoys baking and food blogs, which is why she started hers! Her inspirational blog details delicious vegan food and living a vegan lifestyle in high school. 

Ellie’s tip: “The best way to keep your body running at optimal health is the feed it good fuel, like fruit, veggies and whole grains. My favourite way to nourish my body in the morning is to drink a green smoothie! According to @crazysexykris (author of Crazy Sext Diet which is the bomb btw), it’s best to start you day with a green smoothie and eat low glycemic fruits if you get hungry before lunch. It’s a useful (and yummy!) #springcleansing2015 tip! Happy almost spring, lovelies. ps: this is a fav green smoothie bowl: 3 frozen bananas, 2 big spoonfuls of white chocolate peanut butter, almond milk and loads of spinach!” 


Instagram: @peanutbutterandle

Pinterest:  ellielovesart

2. Toronto Love Prize Winner: Vanessa Bower @vanessabower of Toronto, Canada, with her bowl of fresh berries and green smoothie. 

Vanessa’s tip: “Eat the rainbow.” 

Gorgeous bowl of fresh berries and green smoothie by   Vanessa Bower @vanessabower of Toronto, Canada.

Gorgeous bowl of fresh berries and green smoothie by Vanessa Bower @vanessabower of Toronto, Canada.


Instagram: @vanessabower  

3. Spring Time in the City Winner: Lauren @blondeveganhippie of Toronto, Canada, with her plate of organic oranges and Fairies 101. 

Lauren’s tip: “A big ol’ plate of organic oranges and @doreenvirtue’s Fairies 101 in the sunshine. My #SpringCleansing2015 tip for today is to harness the day’s magical energy, let go of what no longer serves you and reconnect with nature. Go out and hug a tree, run around barefoot in the grass…It is the Spring Equinox after all.” 

Lauren @blondeveganhippie of Toronto, Canada, with her plate of organic oranges and Fairies 101. 

Lauren @blondeveganhippie of Toronto, Canada, with her plate of organic oranges and Fairies 101. 


Instagram: @blondeveganhippie 


Runners Up

We couldn’t just choose 3 winners, so we have also included 3 runners up so that we can share their inspirational tips too! 

Runner Up #1: Irene Elizabeth @phanirene

Irene’s tip: “This is how I spring cleanse, staying active and getting my body ready for the summer with my favourite fit girls.” 

Runner Up #2: Mira @truefoodlove

Mira’s tip: “With spring just around the corner, many of us are opting to lighten up our meals or eat cleaner. While I have yet to try a juice fast, I do prefer to eat organic, whole plant-based foods that are mostly raw to refresh my diet, yet I never (ever!) sacrifice taste. This bowl is packed with creamy avocado, tangy lime, tons of spices and crunch from the tortilla chips. Incredibly satisfying. I feel so nourished when I eat this way.”


Runner Up #3: Ariana @plantifull

Ariana’s tip: “Now that the weather is getting tolerable I have found myself venturing more to yoga classes and some of my favourite vegan spots. Went to Hibiscus for lunch and got one of my favourite salads with a friend who got a vegan buckwheat crepe. My #SpringCleansing2015 tip is to try to get outside and explore, whether it be trying out a new restaurant or going to a class to get in some physical activity.” 



Special thanks to all of the contributors who provided us with fabulous prizes which showcase wonderful vegan products that we both love: 

 Organic BurstMade Good FoodsRaw FoodzAu NaturaleRaw Love BodyNatural CodeGreen House JuiceVams CultureSol Cuisine and Smash Juice Bar.

Congrats to our winners & Happy Spring! 

Avra from LoveWildLiveFree & Kate from Her Balanced Life