Maximize your aliveness and tap into flow with Frank Jay

Do you want to feel good instantaneously? Why wouldn’t you! Today I am sharing Frank Jay’s inspiring video which will show you simple steps that you can take to change your state if you are feeling down, stressed or overwhelmed. 

I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Frank Jay, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, transformational life coach, and entrepreneur. Frank Jay is a living example that it is possible to live the best version of your life irrespective of negative circumstances and traumas. He has traveled the world studying from top experts in human behaviour, neuro-linguistic programming, neuroscience, lifestyle design, and radical living. Through this work Frank Jay has honed in on the best strategies and tools on how to embody confidence and how to take charge in life. Frank Jay has made it his mission to follow his passion by inspiring change in others through sharing tools and methods for self-expression, positivity, and personal development. 

Maximize your aliveness by experiencing the depths of yourself.
— Frank Jay

what is flow?

For Frank Jay, “flow” is a mental, physiological and emotional state of wellbeing. When you’re in a flow state you’re connected to yourself, to everything around you and to the source (creator, universe, or insert what resonates with you). We all have these moments of flow in our lives. Perhaps you may have experienced this through exercise, a meditation class, while out in nature, reading a book, or in the ocean. The key is that when you’re connected and in flow, you are able to be present. 

A lot of us have glimpses of these experiences, but as Frank Jay explains, many times through our society, daily life and work and distractions, we are pulled us out of this connection. As a result, we are pulled out of flow and out of alignment. When we are out of alignment and disconnected we feel dis-ease in our body, mind, sprit and emotion.

Get into the habit of asking if you are in flow and in alignment. If the answer is no, take a break and get connected. You will show up with less anxiety and more decisiveness. When you tap into flow life will unfold how it should!


the three pillars

In the video below Frank Jay shares how you can take control over the state of your mind, not just on an intellectual level, but on physical and emotional levels as well. These are the three pillars that Frank Jay says will help you tap into a flow state:

1. Focus

Focus is energy in motion - wherever focus goes energy flows. What you focus on has a significant impact on how you feel. When you focus on negative ideas, like what is wrong in your life and what may be missing from your life, you will feel negative. Practice self-awareness by checking in with yourself and reflecting on whether you are focusing on positive or negative thoughts.  

2. Internal Dialogue

Your thoughts control the way you feel, however, it is important to also recognize that the thoughts you are thinking may not actually be true. How you talk to yourself could be based on things that are not real for you now, like old programming, old labels and old parts of yourself. Frank Jay says that in order to shift your internal dialogue you need to first recognize what the truth is. 

The truth is that you are a valuable being. When you enter a flow state you start to tap into higher realms of joy, bliss, happiness and connection, which is available to you no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you've been through in your life.

3. Physiology  

You have the potential to change your biochemistry. When your physiological state changes, the way you feel changes. Frank Jay says that when you are breathing shallow and your shoulders are down, it will be more likely that you will be in a depressed, low-energetic state. In order to raise your energetic state ensure that your shoulders are up, your heart and lungs are open and that you are breathing deep and smiling. When you change your physiological state your body will release neurotransmitters like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine and you will literally feel good. 

Having a bad day.. tired, stressed, overwhelmed.. do this now!

Follow Frank Jay’s guided demonstration in the video below as he breathes deep to tap into connection and into flow.

Do you want to feel good instantaneously? Try this with me.If you're having a bad day.. tired, stressed, overwhelmed.. do this now! Feel free to share with a friend! #FrankJay

Posted by Frank Jay Porcaro on Thursday, December 3, 2015

Special thank you to Frank Jay for sharing his inspirational video.

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